The trick of subconcious mind

I remember a moment with my grandfather when i asked him how he manages to get up everyday at 4am though he had the same routine like we do. My grandfather was from a small village in uttar pradesh , india . He had a very unusual habit of waking up every morning exactly at 4am and it was so perfect that people would wonder how can he do it without setting an alarm .

His reply brought a smile on my face because it was something i never heard before. ( In most philosophical cases people tell you what you already knew or heard before but it was little sneaky this time). He said its a secret. Well i knew he is not demanding anything to share it so i waited for it. And what he told thenafter pushed me into thinking about it. He said every night before i sleep , i keep my palm on my chest , call my name and order myself to wake me up at 4 am. I knew i wouldnt have to wait for too long to test it so i waited for the moment and followed the same before sleep. Guess what ? It worked !!

I was so stunned by this fact that the next day i thought about it the whole day (i think alot). What is the science behind this ? and if it works this way why have i failed to wake up on time in so many important occasions? Isnt it a trick that we play with our subconcious mind? There may be so many other tricks yet to discover.

I believe our subconcious mind has a very important role in our daily life. We use it many times but ignore it. If one has to master themselves for a task then it is very important to learn how to trick our subconcious mind to learn it quickly. I admit that i know nothing more on how to use it. Maybe ill write more if i find something interesting about it.

Thanks for reading :) and do try it if your alarm clock ditches you more often.