TIPS Essay, An Indepth Guide to Writing the Perfect Persuasive Essay

The key to writing a good essay according to essay master Lily Alexander, is having a neatly organized essay with detailed points that prove your thesis. Master writer Lily has scored high points when writing her AP language and Composition persuasive essays in class and agreed to tell me more about how to write a good essay. She says the having a strong and clear thesis and intro is the keyhole to unlock the most perfect essay! Now all you need is the key, the body of your essay.

Great River is where I have spent the past 4 years of my life, before Central it was all I really knew. When i stepped back onto the grounds of my old school it was very apperent how much the school and the people that I had known so well for so many years had changed. There were so many new and familiar faces and most of the school that I was so use to was still intact, but a lot of it had changed as well. …

The Reality That is Periods,c_limit/tampons.jpg

Does the image above make you uncomfortable? I am willing to bet that if i asked this question in any of my classes, majority, if not all of the students might admit that it does. If I’m being honest, writing this essay makes me feel a little uncomfortable and exposed. But, that uneasy feeling that you’re having, was put there by society. The popular idea that periods — a natural and healthy thing for every girl and women to go through — are nauseating and foul. It gives people an excuse to throw the very…

How does having a relationship with an alcoholic parent or family member affect your life and who you are? This question I have struggled to answer most of my adolescent life. My (absent, alcoholic) father has not been in my life for about 5 or 6 years now. Although he contacts me through emails I don’t often respond.

My mother tried to protect my siblings and I from the reality of living with an alcoholic parent. I had no idea about most of the things he had brought to pass and the things that had happened until about 2 years…

Anne Norpel

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