While the human population forever increases ( for now ) we grab more land and more resources from the dwindling population of animals left on this planet.
And then, we get angry and kill them when they get annoyed with us encroaching perpetually on their personal space while ruining their food and soil, very nature and air and water they are dependant on.

Such is the human blindness and lack of empathy and foresight.

Some people pull dolphins out of the water to force the animals to pose for selfies, and then they leave them to die on the beach…

Wings of a Raven, 2028AD.
Price: $2.99
Print length: 147 Pages
Publication date: August 2017
ISBN: 9781537855714
Read it at your local library or right here at my own ‘a Norse View’ library.
Or if you so prefer you can buy it from your fav book store for 2.99US$.

Book Description:
2028AD is a real life inspired sci-fi universe stretching across several books and stand alone short stories depicting life on Earth and beyond as our wasteful life take the human species and planet Earth through the gates of the man-made Ragnarok that is the Anthropocene.

At some point in life, you might discover yourself having walked far enough outside the map that plots the discourse of the common life that society expects all to follow beyond their birth, and at this point of discovery, this is where you might realize that you can cut out all the distractions of the buzzy bees, and the perceived connotations of what people stubbornly claims to be “just how it is”, all while they seemingly refuse to see how things actually are.

And once you do, the void of white noise and people without words of meaning to express…

Morella is a short 20 minute long story by Edgar Allan Poe and perhaps best bescribed by Poe himself, so let us describe this short coffee break bite sized story with Edgars own words.

“I kept no reckoning of time or place, and the stars of my fate faded from heaven, and therefore the earth grew dark, and its figures passed by me like flitting shadows, and among them all I beheld only — Morella”

Enjoy the read!.

Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Photography by Mike Koontz

read the complete book

The Evil Guest is a three nights read that delivers a short weekend snack of ghostly horrors and suspended drama, a tale to be enjoyed at the burning light of the witching hour for sure as it takes us on a murderous journey of mares and mortal people. Part fantasy, part ghostly wonders in the darkest of nights.


Author: J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Photography by Mike Koontz

read the complete book

Every day is Earth Day, the 2016 Environmental Performance Index and what it tells us about tomorrow

The Epi Index is measured across 9 important metrics which, when put together try to evaluate how well various nations perform during our modern day Anthropocene era.
Those areas are.
Health Impacts, Air Quality, Water and Sanitation.
Water resources, Agriculture, Forests, Fisheries, Biodiversity and Habitat.
And finally Climate and Energy.

The absolutely most interesting thing with the environmental performance index is without a doubt the combined quality of life impact that each nation has on a global scale since that is truly what…

autumn 1918, World War 1, a short story

Outside the rooms and lives of still sleeping people chilly city streets seemed to solemnly hold on to the silence and tranquility of the rapidly fading night as two female workers hurled a big chunk of ice off of their truck.

Small whisks of fog and condensing dew rose from the street and ice as their combined strained muscles worked together, holding the 200lbs heavy block of ice with the might of their arms and hands and two black steel claws that sank deep into the coldness of ice.

It was October…

In our rapidly approaching near future and a few fortunate souls present day reality, the perplexing realities of dating off world will no longer be confined to the silvery screens of yesterday’s. Soon a rapidly growing number of people will be able to prepare and plan for romantic weekend dates out and away from Earth´s atmosphere. But beyond the tantalizing, and highly romantic aspect of kissing high up above as you look down back on this blue marble. What else is there to going off world?. …

inside out, the blind leads the blind

A few days ago, on my way to buy a few fruits, whipped cream and sugar-free yogurt, as I walked inside the store I noticed a young girl in her twenties. She was sitting right by the entrance in the downpour of a proper dog rain that whipped us all with a free shower. Begging for petty handouts.

Sadly I had nothing to give her since I had no cash on me, but as I paid for my fruit I made sure to get some good ol fashioned printed money in return and…

Sex, and People
The sweet nectar of a Healthy Life

In order to keep your summer feverish minds entertained, here is a simple look at real sexual equality and our beautiful individual needs and pleasures.

Our garden of wonder — Life

The simplicity and beauty of that wonderful thing called female sexuality is that it is just as individual as male sexuality. There are no gender-based differences in lust and need, love and naughty fun — the only gender-based sexual differences are the purely physical ones.

As far as pleasures, sweet naughty fun, curiosity, yummy horny needs of pleasures and exploration being met and fulfilled.


a Norse View

life is your art by Mike Koontz

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