Strava and Moto360 a nice combination

I recently got a Motorola Moto 360 and had not planned on using it as a fitness device. I have a dedicated sports watch (Suunto Digital Ambit 2) and wasn’t sure if the Moto 360 would really give me a reason to change that. But as a tinkerer I gave it a shot last night when I went out on a 5k run with my faithful running companion (the dog) to see what Android had to offer.

I am a regular Strava user. I use it to share runs with friends and other members of Team Red, White and Blue. I also use Google Play Music for my music listening needs. Here are my notes from the first test run.

Things I liked.

Everything in one place.

One of the nice things about the setup was the ability to control everything in one place. Skip a song, change playlists, pause the run, restart the run, all on my writs. I didn’t have to feel around for buttons on my headphones, no taking my phone out of my pocket. Convenience is a big sell.

Light weight

The Moto360 is a lot lighter on my wrist then the somewhat bulky Ambit. Of course it meant I had to carry my phone in my back pocket, which I don’t always do on a run, and I would be even less inclined to do if I had a big phone like a Nexus 6.

No more plug in to sync

It was nice to be able to finish my run and not have to plug in a watch to a computer so that it can upload. Again convenience is a big sell.

Things that I’d like to see improved.

No heart rate

The Moto360 has an integrated heart rate sensor, right in the back of the watch. It would be amazing if Strava was picking up my heart rate so that I don’t have to have to wear a heart rate strap to capture my heart rate.

No exercise selection in Strava

My Strava profile says that I’m primarily a biker, which is true, I put a lot more time in on wheels then I do on my feet. But sometimes I do switch it up and go for a run. The Strava app on the phone just allows you to start and stop an activity in your primary sport. It would have been nice to be able to select my activity before starting and have the displays adapt and show pace (min/mile) and distance rather than speed (mph) and distance. Thankfully I was able to adjust the activity after I was complete so no long term harm done.


As Strava gets more into capturing data live from the activity it would be great if there were options to capture a more complex event. Currently there are not buttons for marking laps, running planned intervals, etc.


I liked the experience. I will probably do it again. I think there is some room for product improvement, but Android Wear, the Moto360 and Strava have a good opportunity to capitalize on putting all of the tools for a great run in one place.