When we left each other for the first time she had an engagement proposal from her best friend’s brother she didn’t accept but she didn’t refuse also and she didn’t even ask for time to think things through and make a decision she just let it hanging then I came back and she told me about this engagement story, I even didn’t ask for her decision because it was obvious that she turned it down or she won’t even give me a chance to get back together then after like a month I found out that she didn’t say No yet and after hours of discussion she admitted that she still looking for advancement from this story..any way that was my motivation to end things then when I realize that she was so usual, very pridectible and she lost what made her mysterious and fascinating maybe time or the problems that she had made her accept that she is just another number in some very long list, she gave up her dreams and stopped reading she was spending too much time in work and go straight to sleep and after 6 days of this routine she just spent the seventh resting from the last ones and preparing for the next ones, and now after confirming that she’s officially with this guy I understand that she continued to take the easy road keeping it just simple and not taking any challenges..as I made it clear I loved her because she was wilde and so ambitious now she’s just another one like the others she certainly will be an usual housewife with all what borring that can be, I may still love her or at least the old version of her all what I was looking for is to have back our endless discussions all the night long about anything and everything and how we used to talk about our
dreams and life goals how we used to tease each other about stupid details and how we both was smart enough to predict everything about the others which made our discussions all the time very interesting and also we used to share everything and anything all those things were gone and I kept convincing myself that it’s normal and it will only be a matter of time before things well get interesting again but nothing was the same..now it’s all gone but the kid inside keeps thinking that all of that is just a big nightmare and our problems will be resolved and the old version will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes but life is cruel and as the stones said years ago : YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT

The end..