Everything you need to know about the NTR1-META redemption & sales

6 min readMar 27, 2023

Dear NTR1-META holders, we are excited to announce that the redemption window & 2nd round of sales for the NTR1-METAs on the Another-1 Launchpad is finally here!

But that’s not all — we’re thrilled to announce a major upgrade: every pair of NTR1-METAs will now feature an embedded NFC chip in the tongue, and your NFTs will be upgraded from ERC1155 tokens to ERC721 — Users DO NOT have to choose the NFT OR the physical pair, but all users can have BOTH.

This upgrade is part of our upgrade from ERC1155 NFT to ERC721 making every pair of sneakers verifiable on the blockchain through the AN1 mobile app. (more details coming soon)

About the collection: NTR1-META

The OG Phygital Sneaker

Inspired by the adaptability of the Meta Chameleon and designed by the great Lucio Vanotti, these are the sneakers that will keep you fresh both in the metaverse and the streets.

With the addition of NTR1-METAs to your sneaker rotation, you join a sneaker revolution. Transcend reality with a shoe that bridges the digital to the physical hypebeast world.

Each NTR1-META will be tradable as an NFT, wearable in Decentraland, and wearable in the real-world. Thanks thanks to NFC chip integration in the physical production process, we enable monitoring ownership and validate SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for tokenized proof-of-authenticity.

In this article, we will explain the redemption process on the Another-1 Launchpad, along with all the relevant details you need to know if you want to own a pair of NTR1-METAs.

Important Dates:


  • Redemption Window Starts: 27th March, 18:00 UTC
    (FREE for ALL existing holders)
  • Redemption Window Ends: 27th April, 18:00 UTC


  • 2nd Sales Window Opens: 27th March, 18:00 UTC
    (Mint price = 300 USD in MATIC or USDT)
  • 2nd Sales Window Closes: 27th April, 18:00 UTC

Why you should redeem / mint:

  • Physical perks: Claim your physical pair of NTR1-METAs that are equipped with NFC tech for further asset utility (more details coming soon).
  • Digital perks: holders will be able to access their DCL NTR1-META Wearable: https://governance.decentraland.org/proposal/?id=8a955b10-d6c8-11ec-b521-2f98ffa6ccb0
    , access to metaverse events, such as Decentraland MVFW23, and future events with our partners. Obtain access to our VIP community to get alpha on new premium phygital launches.

Getting Started On The Road To Redemption

To participate in the redemption process, users must create a profile and first login to the Another-1 Launchpad through a 2-step authentication process:

  1. Connect a web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask or Wallet Connect) and switch to the Polygon Network.
  2. Sign an authentication message.

After connecting their wallet and signing the authentication message, first-time users will be prompted to enter their username and email before setting up their profile details.

NTR1-META Conversion

All original NTR1-META holders will be able to upgrade their EIP1155 NFTs into 721A NFTs after creating their user profile in order to be able to redeem their physical pair:

NOTE: If you haven’t unlocked your NTR1-META Mystery Box you can no longer do so, a revealed sneaker is already airdropped to your wallet and accessible on the launchpad platform. To view your revealed sneakers or mint another pair please visit here:

VIDEO: How to convert your NTR1-META EIP1155 NFT into a 721A NFT

Acquiring KYC Token

Before starting the redemption process, a user must acquire a KYC token. This is a mandatory step as proof of identity is required for the shipping of physical products. A KYC token can be obtained via the Get KYC Token button on the user profile page:

The steps to acquire a KYC token are as follows:

  1. Click on the ‘Get KYC Token’ button shown above.
  2. The User will be redirected to the launchpads KYC provider portal, where they will be required to provide their email address.
  1. Users will then receive an email which will contain a button which allows them to sign in to the KYC provider and thus acquire the KYC token.
  2. Once acquired, the Get KYC Token button will not display there, and the Redeem Now button will become available on the owned NFT page.

Note: In the case of a first-time user, the user will be required to go through the provider’s KYC process before being able to obtain a token. This is a straightforward process whereby the user must follow the on-screen instructions providing various information in order to verify their identity.
(Please note KYC verification can take up to 24 hours.)

Redemption Form

After successfully obtaining a KYC token, users will be able to initiate the redemption process.

Users may redeem an NFT by navigating to the NFT detail page which is accessible by clicking on the user profile to get to the profile dashboard:

where they will be able to browse their collection, select their item and see a REDEEM NOW button on the item page.
(NOTE: Only the owner of an NFT can see this button.)

The tentative timeline for the production & shipping of physical NTR1-META pairs is as follows:
- 3 months production
- 3 weeks distribution
- 1 month buffer

Note: The REDEEM NOW button will only be active during the collection redemption window.

Proceed to Redeeming

Subsequently, this is the Redeem process:

  • Click on Redeem Now button
  • Finish the Redeem Form and Submit button
  • Confirm the inputted information
  • Sign the KYC message
  • Sign the redemption message
  • View the complete redemption pop-up

VIDEO: How to redeem your NTR1-METAs


The NTR1-META Pair redemption on the Another-1 Launchpad is an exciting opportunity for users to be part of the growing phygital fashion movement.

Don’t miss the redemption and sales window from the 27th of March to the 27th of April and seize this unique chance to become an early adopter in the rapidly evolving world of physical fashion. Be at the forefront of this ground-breaking integration of technology and style, and witness the transformation of the fashion industry first-hand.

For all other FAQs please refer to the official NTR1-META redemption & shipping policy:

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