Yesterday, I was just lying in the back seat of my school bus trying to relax after a long hectic day and this care taker lady comes up to me and asks me if I could stop showing off my legs and sit up properly as there were other male persons in the bus in the front. Also, according to her the other little kids could learn it from me and do the same. Because "bacche bade se hi toh seekhte hain".
Why can’t I just lie in the seat, with my legs showing a little? What to think about here is that ,The driver or the conductor( the only male persons in the bus) have never told me a thing relating to this nor have I seen them treating me any differently than the others. The problem with this society not only lies with the mentality of a some men but also it is a problem of the women section of this society who have become so used to being treated this way that they have accepted it in such a way that they don’t even find anything wrong in it.
"Its just how it is" is what they say. Society has set some guidelines and we have to abide by it and if we don’t, we are considered to be wrong and unmannered and are blamed for any wrong happening aftermath. If the men can’t control their hormones with only a little leg showing why did the school keep skirts as the uniform in the first place?