My no-stress guide to back-to-school shopping

I happen to have a lot of experience with school supplies from my 13 years as a teacher. And now I’d like to pass along some of my best tips to you!

  1. Pencil case!!

You might be tempted to pick up any old plastic pencil case from the bin at Target and put it directly into your cart. Not so fast! You’d look over a piece of fruit before putting it in your grocery sack, so why not show the same respect to the home of your writing utensils? It only takes a moment but can make a BIG difference.

Once you have a potential pencil case in hand, check the exterior for any scratches or cracks. Then, open the pencil case to ensure that the hinges are working properly. Peer into the pencil case. Inside, there should be a slightly smaller pencil case. And inside that one, an even smaller one. Continue opening the progressively smaller pencil cases until finally, inside the last case, is a Tic Tac.

Or is it?

Take a closer look. Get a magnifying glass from aisle 9. Notice that what appears to be an ordinary Tic Tac has a latch. It’s not a Tic Tac after all, it’s another pencil case, smaller than the pencil case in your wildest dreams. You open it, and a tiny being pops out, gasping for air. You’ve released him just in time.

Wave as he disappears into a neighboring bin of Crayola markers. Place the pencil case in your cart. Congratulations! You’re on the right track for back-to-school shopping success.

Next: Highlighters!!