Dreading for Sleep.


Dear sleep I know we had problems when I was younger but I love you know.

I spend 10 hours of my time starting at 6 in the morning in school. After that I spend the next 30 minutes and 1 hour for rest, then I take another bath. At 6pm, I start getting the big guns loaded, because it’s going to be a night of exhaustion out of doing school work which ranges from 6 till the-heavens-know-when in the evening which leaves me with at least 3–7 hours of sleep. Waking up the next morning your eyes are all blotchy and red, and you literally have to drag yourself out of your bed that screams for attention and “infinite” and tons of sleep.

See the things is, it’s not all that. I sometimes voluntarily stay up late either: Watching the television, reading a novel of my liking, browsing the net, or thinking about things that matter. “Dear mind, please stop thinking too much, I need some sleep.” But I can really justify that it is indeed our internet connection’s fault. Don’t you agree? The net’s awake so I’m awake. The thing calls for me!

“I’ve got designer bags under my eyes.”

But it isn’t the only reason why I lose sleep.

When I was younger my grandfather, mother, whoever it is in particular, always forced me to sleep in the afternoon and early in the evening, they said that it would help me grow in height and that it can help me gain weight as well. I didn’t nor never ever-ever wanted to sleep in the afternoon, it made me feel like I would miss something out.

I used to stare at my grandfather at the car wondering how in the world can he fall asleep just like that and I remember my Aunt Joan saying, “Buti pa nga ikaw nakakatulog kami ngayong matanda na kami, kahit gusto naming matulog hindi na namin magawa.”

“Kids have so much energy because they siphon it out of their parents like midget gasoline thieves.”

Why am I saying this? The past few weeks have been tiring for me, not solely because there was always too much work (that is one reason why sometimes) but it was because a part of me keeps on sleeping late. I feel like it’s like the only time I have left after the whole day, that’s why I choose to do something I like. On the other hand it certainly has it’s negative effects on me. I get easily sick. Several pimples grow on my face that screams hello to the whole world. Next, I lose weight. (Never combine a few tablespoons per meal, with three-hours of sleep.). Lastly, your eyelids will droop during class and you’ll become drowsy.

It affects the productivity of a person. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t blame my studies, it’s just a matter of time management sometimes but it can be hard when you don’t set limits and when try to do all of it in one day. I have a feeling that this sleep problem will get worse once I reach college (Please do warn me if that’s true).

I hope it’s not clinomania. Ha!

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