Create your project pages with Next.js and React hosted by Github.

Next gh-pages example:

Follow Next.js static-html-export guide to start.

This is a way to run your Next.js app as a standalone static app without any Node.js server.

Example :

Setup your Next.js app as a standalone GitHub Pages.

Add your “out” folder to your master branch.

> git add out > git commit -m "Initial out subtree commit gh-pages"

It is now possible to completely bypass Jekyll processing on GitHub Pages by creating a file named .nojekyll in the root of your pages repo and pushing it to GitHub.

> touch out/.nojekyll> git add out/.nojekyll> git commit -m "add nojekyll file to bypass Jekyll on GitHub…

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Image for post theme: Dark Side of the Moon syntax theme

StepByStep how to get headless Chrome up and running on OSX

👍 Headless Chrome has been released in Chrome 59…

  1. Juste download install the last Chrome if is not !
DO NOT install brew google-chrome-canary anymore ! 😀

👻 I am still working with PhantomJS and Nightmare.

2. In your project add chrome alias.

alias chrome="/Applications/Google\\ Chrome"Enter it in terminal window. (Once by sessions)

For Chrome Canary

alias canary="/Applications/Google\ Chrome\\ Chrome\ Canary"

Or use the absolute path "/Applications/Google\\ Chrome"

3. Try your Headless Chrome

chrome --headless --disable-gpu --dump-dom print-to-pdf !chrome --headless --disable-gpu --print-to-pdf

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Part 1/2. Use Group Resizing and Dynamic Symbols.

The table is the best UI component of displaying a lot of listed data in an organized way.

Visual Guide


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