Holiday Pants (in Singapore)

In a sea of corporate uniforms, holiday pants stand out. Holiday pants are not ironed or designer, they are badly held together. Holiday pants are not sewn to last.

Holiday pants do not look nice, but we all wish we were wearing them. They are soft and relaxed, breezy and free. You do not see holiday pants on the MRT morning commute. Holiday pants belong in the late afternoon.

Holiday pants usually have a print on them, often involving elephants. They remind us of jungle getaways, even if we are in an air-conned concrete bubble. Regardless, us non-holiday pants people do not have time for the jungle.

Holiday pants come in several colors and a few variations. Pick up a pair of holiday pants that feel the most ‘you’ today. Let everyone know you are on holiday.

Do you own holiday pants? Where did you get them? What color are they?

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