Democracy Unhinged — Ramblings of a 99%’er

In recent times the world has turned in on itself. From globalisation where the cheapest pairs of hands came first to now a rhetoric on closing borders and import tariffs to stifle cheap labour.

The world has never been so divided.

Our consumerism has fuelled countries like India and China to reach dizzying heights. Our politics has fuelled more war and conflict. Now our democracy says enough is enough. We can’t take anymore.

Having watched the Big Short recently for the third or fourth time it would be easy to pin-point the blame for the changes in the world on the acts of bankers. They were in-charge of our financial system and decimated it. Our politicians stood back and let them and once caught out forced us to pay for this nightmare. It would be so so easy to blame the bankers.

On the other hand we have ISIL. How easily we could blame them they fuel the hate against our borders, they have forced people to flee the land and seek refuge. They have caused a refugee crisis the likes of humanity has never seen. Hell Assad is to blame to. All these refugee’s/migrants are to blame for the collapse in our public services and pose a huge risk to our security. The politicians stood back and let us and the right-wing tear us apart, with policies that neither appease or help anyone.

Now the people of Great Britain and the United States of America have exercised their democratic rights our most experienced politicians are left scuttling, thrashing and sulking. It is politics that has let us down time and time again and now they’ve reaped what they sowed.

Our democracy has always (in my lifetime) been charged with people who do not trust politicians who fight to maintain the status-quo. Whilst our politicians have failed on many levels and failed at recognising the gut feeling of voters today who have not stood at the ballot box excited at the prospect of change only to renege and tick for the status quo. People have absorbed the cheap soundbites and demagogues, consumed the information that pertains to their likes on Social Media. We have voted for the radical in protest that can change the future of the world.

It’s a sign of just how unhinged and fractured we are that people are on the streets protesting (some violently) against a democratic result. Our politicians and every level of the top 1% is trying to stifle and sabotage democratic will in the “interest” of the 99%.

I have spent the last few months wondering how we’ve got here and who is to blame. It’s beyond my reasoning and whilst I have ranted about banks and foreign policy ultimately for me politics has failed us. Now the real fear is where do we go from here now the system built on a constitution to maintain an illusion of control for all people where all people are equal has failed.

Do we turn to the left towards socialism is that enough? Will the politicians, media and people who’ve fought against it for so long finally relent and let the Corbyn’s and Sanders of the world take centre stage? Are they the tonic to restore order…

Not sure but the world is frightening place more so because the top 1% are more frightened than us…