Tastes amazing looks amazing and might even satisfy all your meat-eating friends! (disclaimer this is not guaranteed)

Have I been to Mexico? YES! Have I been to the South West? YES!
Have I had biscuits? Hmm not really, not until after I became vegan. I have had a lot of scones, however, and a scone is the British version of a Biscuit. Am I a qualified biscuit maker, nope I am not. So if this recipe is not an exact replica please don’t come for me, all I can tell you is the most important part, and that is that it tastes delicious.

There are two main reasons for creating this little combo; one is to celebrate…


(Thrifty Words) People have died.

We encourage you to continue as normal.
We’re not coming into the office for the foreseeable future.

We have introduced social distancing in the office.
The canteen doesn't count, right?

We are invested in the mental health of our staff.
Just man up, the ones that died were 300km away!

I am sure we have all been experiencing similar situations since the unwelcome introduction of COVID-19…

More pearls of wisdom and life-enhancing revelations right here:

Small changes add up to make a big difference!

2020 what a year it has been, a relentless bombardment of madness leaving most of us feeling exhausted at best.
So it’s understandable that saving the planet is probably not something that has been at the top of many of our lists of objectives.

You know what? That’s ok!

But now we are nearing the end, and we are starting to think about the future and resolutions, so this seems a good time to share what we can do differently to help the planet and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

The key point to remember is that lots of little changes add…

Stop torturing yourself and learn how to accomplish realistic goals.

I thought it was normal.

Checking everything multiple times, obsessing over every minute detail, getting frustrated with tiny imperfections.

Working on something for so long, and so hard that I could no longer tell if the end product was any good any more. When I am passionate about something its easier for me to keep going until I reach whatever my perception of perfection might be, except I never can because I change it. I would move the goalposts, the original target would become unattainable, and often so would the new ones.

This has meant a life of early starts, late nights, and an overwhelming…

A photo memoir

I know you don’t want to hear it, but take a deep breath and read on.

As someone who has been very sick as a direct result of her work, it irks me when I read one of these well-meaning pieces with the poignant statement;

‘just leave if you’re unhappy — best decision I ever made’ — many many authors of many many articles

I wonder if anyone does read it and hand in their notice the very next day. I often think about the consequences that could arise because of these bold statements. These writers give false hope to desperate people they have never met; they have no idea of their situation. …

How to become invisible, silent and successfully fly under the radar…

Wearing my motorcycle helmet with duck tape over my mouth, on the tape it says ‘Quiet!’
Wearing my motorcycle helmet with duck tape over my mouth, on the tape it says ‘Quiet!’

Sorry, hold up. Did you really just do that? Did you just pat me on the head? Like a cat. Like a fucking cat? What am I supposed to do with that? How am I supposed to react?

It would be inappropriate for a work colleague to do that at the best of times, but this is not a normal low key situation, it’s in the middle of an executive meeting and you have just reduced my stature to that of a cute animal. …

This 3-year-old startup is leaving its competitors in a cloud of bio-synthetic, climate neutral, regenerative smoke.

First of all — I am not a Pangaia employee, neither am I sponsored by them. I am just an average human who works as a Trend Analyst in the performance footwear sector who is passionate about the environment.

I specialise in helping clients make more responsible decisions in what materials, components, packaging, and storytelling they use. I am always on the lookout for exciting new brands and technologies to use as examples of how to… They do exist, they come, and they go; they want to change the world. …

Yes, I know 2020 was the year of quarantine and isolation, but hear me out!

2020 the apocalyptic year where people have spent more time alone than ever before, and along I come suggesting that you head back off to your cabin in the woods for some more solitude. Yes it might sound bat shit crazy after the past twelve months of doom, I know that, but let me elaborate a little.

It has been the year where people were trapped in their homes, so it’s understandable that solitude may be the last thing we are all thinking about, but perhaps it’s exactly what everyone needs. …


Future predictor, Art director, Vagabond living in Sài Gòn

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