My Dad Was a Successful Republican Businessman Who Worked Himself to Death…and Guess What, He…
Laura Borgendale

Every friend I have that supports Trump and that I have talked with on some level has one think in common, they are all self employed and they have been brainwashed that the ONLY topic that matters…is taxes. Here is the funny part, none of them pay their share. Everyone of them has told me over the years how Uncle Sam does see all their money. This small sample group includes a surgeon, a store front owner, three contractors (builder, painter and lawncare) as well as a few consultants I know and my boat mechanic.

They will all give you a substantial discount for cash even to the point it doesn’t make sense as they are taking less then the tax would “harm” them. I guess being a friend skews that but I know they give some discount to othes. They are bold and think it’s acceptable to not pay all their taxes and int the case of two I know they do about half their work cash. Even the surgeon who (used to be) in a unique position of taking a lot of cash from poor people to extract teeth told me that about 1/3 of his client pay cash…and thus not tax for him.

With the exception of the two of them they are are all huge war hawks too. So basically they believe in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and anywhere Dick Chaney and Rush Limbaugh think we should put a boot up some brownskins butt…but they don‘t’ believe in paying for that armor plating under the humvee that saves lives from IEDs.Â

This is the brainwashing and hypocrisy we live with in American. It used to be blue collar people aligned with democratic ideals but the Roger Ailes positive polarization and aligning with fundamentalists (anti abortion) has moved every true blue American to the party of billionaires who traditionally only cared about keeping their money and reducing taxes…but never really reducing total spending. Their party is changing and their party only cares about taxes (illogically) and social issues (not just gay but welfare) while still thinking about wars that rob our country of education and infustructure upgrades.

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