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Max Berger

Perhaps writings and simple actions such as this by ALL People of color not just white people will begin to pave new paths. It’s not like there is some magic bullet or “one leader” that has solutions to such complex matters of co-existence amongst different tribes of the world. But maybe just maybe if we all start from the framework of equal respect and treatment of each other will be a start. You don’t have to like me, but respect my existence on this planet as I respect yours. After all no policy or law can change people’s hearts or minds. And those with entrenched views will most likely never change. In the end, those entrenched views will eventually die off. So perhaps it is continued evolution of the human species which will eventually yield a better world for our children and many generations that will follow. As history is our teacher, one thing for sure, nothing changes over night. Nor do voices which speak truth are never silenced. Thanks for writing this, it is a beginning, especially, yes, from our white brethren.

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