The GOP on the Eve of Destruction
Bill Moyers

Well said Mr. Moyers. Thanks for writing this as it hits the nail on the head imho, in regards to what seems to be a spiraling out of control Republican party and a certain segment of the electorate. It certainly echoes my sentiments. Perhaps a “Deep Dive Into Party Affiliation” done by the Pew Research Center, provides some insight over this divide, as well as glimpse of what will change in the future..i.e. 51% of Millennials (ages 18–34) identify as Democrats or lean Democratic, compared with 35% who identify as Republican or lean Republican. The only recourse the rest of us have is to either move to another country (which a few friends have done) or show up in droves at the polls and express our disapproval, disgust and disagreement at the ballot box. As they say, “fight for justice.” The only issue though, is unfortunately mere votes dont change hearts and minds. Some people will just never change and perhaps only evolution of the human race, the human spirit, will either sort this out or lead to the demise of us all. As an independent and an optimist, I’m betting on a better outcome for tomorrow’s and future generations.