Creation Of Invisible — The Future

There are 2 types of people : one who creates new things , who creates the invisible.

The second type of people being one who analyses the 1st set of people , understands them and try to correct them and think that they could have done this task better .

Its very easy to become the second class of people , but really very hard to become the 1st one.

Whenever i see media like : Television , Social media sites like facebook , Instagram , blogs , you tube i feel like how much successful people are and i also had to achieve success of this level .

While when i look at the real world , i am really frustrated that i am not able to move forward , Forget about our dreams and ambitions that we have in mind , we are not able to reach even simple targets.

The reason behind this i find is that whatever we see in media is already created and it is only their running that matters and we see . Whether it is a political party , Government , company , startup or any organisation .

Its very easy to analyse , or run an organisation that already exists.

While it is extremely difficult to create an organisation from scratch or even being taking a job , or passing an exam or being self employed is extremely difficult .

When i see reality , it is extremely difficult to create a thing from scratch whether it is creating a new political party or creation of a company , startup or anything else .

Thus whenever you feel difficult situation , feel alone and thinks that how difficult the situation is, analyse that you are creating the invisible , that you are building the blocks of a wall which is not there which does not exists.

But also we had to take this in mind that business people , startups founders are the kings , they live their life in freedom .

In Business , you had to invest your money , create your product and sell it.

While we might be afraid to start a business , but start using investing your money in mutual fund. At least , since there is nothing in this world which is free of risks. So if you are afraid of starting your own business , so at least start investing in other people’s business .

Always remember that success lies in investing in future.

Think that what would the time be 30 years from now . As Masayoshi Son says that he always think of 30 years from now , think what would the time be 30 years from now , and start your tasks in that direction .

When i see warren buffet , he says let the money in the stocks compound for atleast 30 years and Masayoshi son says that start thinking of 30 years from now.

One is the world’s biggest investor in non technology products and compa nies and other is world’s biggest technology investor .

Your Portfolio should be a combination of :

Masha Yoshi Son + Warren Buffet .

Technology + Non Technology .