Winning Over Mind……

Whenever we try to take a Sankalp or take a discipline , the moment we start following it , it starts the death of our mind .

We are the souls , in this body with mind . Mind wants to be the most powerful thing, and if we try to control it , it will become more powerful .

When a discipline is taken or we take a sankalp , it starts empowering of soul and weakening of mind over body .

Mind projects a very beautiful , fake world in front of us .

If we take a sankalp , that i will study for 1 hour continuously , the mind will do all possible things to distruct this discipline . If you take a sankalp that you have to study 1 chapter today , mind will start a cycle of resistance , a fear that it would not let you study that 1 chapter today .

That while implementing that sankalp / discipline , that we will try to study that chapter , and the mind will distract us so that we are not able to study that chapter , and due to this , there would start an internal conflict / dwand , that should i do or not do , should i do or not do .

And always in internal conflicts , soul gets defeated and mind wins .

So to be successful while implementing these disciplines , do not fall in conflict with mind , otherwise you will be defeated .

To win over mind the strategy is to see it from far , and see the thoughts coming. Whenever , you see that an internal conflict is started , just see that an internal conflict / dwand has started , and it would fade away .

Only by watching the activities of mind , we can win over it and follow all disciplines and become successful .

Be aware of the internal conflicts .

Start completing small small sankalp , that would give you energy . And then start taking bigger sankalp , that would transform us .

The second way to get rid of this internal conflict / dwand is to submit your ego / Ahankar in the feet of God and ask for help , Mere Prabhu mujhe sambhaal . That would escape you from this conflict .

If we had our personal egos or ahankar , the two parties in conflict are : Mind and Body , and that Body will always fail.

While when we surrender our ego or submit our ego , the two parties in conflict are Mind and soul , and in that soul will win . That the soul — a part of God will win and will defeat the mind .

Completing sankalp will move us closer and closer to success .