Finding the Right Notary Signing Agent

It’s time consuming, tedious and contains multiple signatures on innumerable documents. Yes, it’s nothing but the home buying process. Simply finding the best mortgage deal and the home of your dreams is not enough. When you set out to purchase the same, you encounter a number of documents, some of which require notarization to be termed valid and authentic.

Notarizing Loan Documents

However, even a minor mistake in notarization can delay the buying process significantly and postpone the day of stepping into your new, dream home. It is therefore, important to choose the right notary for notarizing loan and mortgage documents.

Thankfully, there are specialized notaries, better known as Notary Signing Agent (NSA) to handle loan documents. A notary public is authorized to notarize important documents like power of attorney, wills, marriage certificate etc. However, a notary public who intends to improve business and widen their client base can take additional training on notarizing loan documents. They then graduate to a new post, known as Notary signing agent.

Finding the Best

However, training is not enough to ensure perfect notarization.

Here’s how to reach the right notary signing agent, who is well versed with loan documents and would not cause delays due to mistakes.

· Loan documents contain sensitive and confusing information. Although all notary signing agents are trained in notarizing loan documents, only the experienced ones can handle the same with utmost efficiency. So, before you hire their services, consider their experience in facilitating loan singings. There is no need to hesitate in asking them the years of experience in business. The genuine ones do not hesitate in revealing the right information about their experience and knowledge.

· Escrow and title offices have authorized notaries within their premises for notarizing documents. Both the buyer and seller can meet there conveniently, sign the loan documents and get them notarized. This is easy and convenient.

In fact, you can also hire notary services that reside at a location easily accessible for the buyer and seller. This can rule out the inconvenience of travelling to a faraway location only for notarization.

However, if both these options are inconvenient, then there are the mobile notary services, which notarize documents at the client’s preferred place and time. This is convenient and easy.

· Most states determine an upper limit for the fees charged for notarization of documents. However, mobile notaries are allowed to levy additional charges in lieu of additional expenditure for travelling etc. So, enquire about the fees of the notary services before hiring them.

Choosing the right notary service will save the buyer and seller from minor mistakes, which cause delay in the home buying process. A carefully chosen NSA ensures the smooth movement of the home buying process.

It is also important to understand that the role of an NSA is limited to verifying the signatures and identity of the people signing the loan documents. By law, they are not allowed to discuss the contents of the documents or explain anything related to the loan process.

The right NSA’s play their role appropriately.