A mobile app to track body motion using beacon tracking device

Beacon has made its way to being a technology that will prove to be a support to most of the industry verticals. It is a proximity transmission device that notifies the users about its existence. Also, beacon has helped over 600 organizations in 42 states and 5 countries market smarter through the collision of creative ideas and powerful web technology. Nowadays, beacon tracking is also a trending technological enhancement.

Beacons are used for various activities like mobile proximity marketing, indoor mapping, mobile tour guides, tracking and business intelligence and much more. The most recent usage of a beacon is seen in tracking the body motion. With a simple app and beacon adoption, you can track a body in motion. Moreover, this proximity based solution not only is a source for real-time marketing but also real-time motion tracking.

Sports biomechanics and body motion tracking

Sports biomechanics, as explained by Wikipedia, is physics for sports. It is a quantitative analysis of an athlete’s or sports’ activities. It also involves the analysis of kinematics and kinetics (motion, time, velocity, position and speed).

One of the famous examples of biomechanic analysis is the one we saw in the Tom Cruise starrer, a Motion Pictures movie, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. The very noticeable and breath-holding scene where Benji (Simon Pegg) has to walk through a security check where his movements will be analyzed in-order to grant further access. This was all a part of the scene where Ethan Hunt dives into the tunnel to change the data underwater.

The body motion tracking includes tracking of gait, position, kinetics, speed and relevancy of motion. Motion tracking using beacon tracking device is becoming popular nowadays for monitoring the athlete’s activities.

Beacon tracking device for training your team

It is important to understand certain angles in certain sports. Other factors, moreover, that drive the sportsman’s performance are speed, timing, force and more. It would really be an enticing advancement if the coach could guide the athletes with accurate measurements. And to capture these measurements, we have a beacon tracking device along with an app.

The sports retail companies can provide this enhancement which will be beneficial for the team as well as to the business. A beacon can be placed on any objects like a tennis racket, baseball bat or anywhere in the arena. It not only notifies the user of its presence but also, with proper algorithms fed in an app the screen starts notifying the respective details.

With a simple beacon tracking solution, you can allow the user to track and train on the following:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Accelerations / Decelerations
  • Heart Rate
  • Dynamic Stress Load
  • High Metabolic Load Distance
  • Average Metabolic Power
  • Step Balance

Practical implementation of beacon tracking device and mobile app

A Lacrosse training app has been up under development by LetsNurture that amends with beacon technology. Our skilled developers is working to develop an app that not only tracks the player’s activities but also allows the user to take video for further guidance.

This app specifically is for the Lacrosse game. If you are a business that centralizes on any sports and wants an effective training app; LetsNurture can cater your requirements. Please feel free to contact us on info@letsnurture.com.

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