How to leverage live streaming feature in Social media Apps for Real-time marketing

With the development of numerous social media apps, there always arises an undeniable need to upgrade the apps with new features. People would only continue using a particular app if it gives any value addition to the previous version. This especially is the case in social media apps. If Facebook or Instagram, however, keeps on doing what it does, probably the user engagement won’t get any better apart from the usual sharing and posting. A feature called live streaming is something that the crowd is glad to have introduced in the social media apps.

This real-time sharing feature not only allows to share the videos live but also to get live feeds on the same. People can comment/react on the post in real-time. This helps the interaction to be more lively and engaging. This not only sounds productive and feasible, but it involves a ‘fun factor’ as well.

Now that we all are aware of ‘live streaming’ feature, we are also very well versed with its usage in social media like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. It’s in the highlights that even ‘WhatsApp’ is coming with a feature where you can share or rather stream live videos with your friends or groups.

The role of ‘Live streaming’ feature in real-time marketing

People prefer to have an ongoing conversation with the brands they purchase the products from. The traditional way of marketing where a marketeer posts an ad and waits for the customers to accept or reject the product is now an old school, non-effective way. This era of trending interactive solutions is a place to seize the opportunity to go for real-time marketing with ‘live streaming’.

The live streaming feature of apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram can aid the marketeers to complement the stereotypical way of marketing. This feature enhances the interaction between the customer and brand which definitely will lead to a better customer engagement solution.

An online retail clothing brand Everlane use the ‘live streaming’ feature in a very productive way. They stream a live video of a walkthrough of their business or factories. Also, the energy sector giant G.E uses this feature to showcase the science behind their innovative products.

3 ways to utilize ‘live streaming’ feature for your brand

It is really important to understand your audience before presenting your product to them. And this is possible by engaging the audience with the brand. There are few simple ways to adapt ‘live streaming’ into your marketing campaign.

  • Give your audience a glance on how your company works — from people to product. Show the crowd your company model with a short live video.
  • Conduct a live chat session with your existing and potential customers. This interactive segment not only helps you gain a customer base but also help the brand to expand their horizon in the market.
  • Ask people for feedback or recommendation. This makes your audience feel valuable which adds on to the brand value equally well.


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