New Beginnings

Hi there!

I am a first-generation, econ student; who has a love for writing and researching while at the same time cannot get over her marketing and social skills. Being fascinated by numbers and analysis from a young age was my driving factor towards choosing economics as my field. I’m an academic and therefore enjoy writing and researching but that’s not it. I have completed my Professional Diploma in Communication Skills from Trinity College, London, and my passion for writing led me to be the editor of a children’s newspaper. I have multi-faceted interests and have therefore always focused on my holistic development. I am trained in various sports, and art styles and have attended my share of debates, Olympiads, and finance competitions. All of them have helped me develop into the self-sufficient and independent person I am today. I look forward to connecting with other enthusiasts from various fields to widen my horizon of knowledge and interests.

With this platform, I would like to bring to the surface some of my work which includes research on various topics and certain articles penned down. There may be a possibility for topics to lack alignment because I tend to pen down new and different topics.

This is a new beginning for me as I have never shared my work with anyone before or over any platform. I honestly wish that I am able to gather insights into the topic as required and we can delve deeper into the topics together.

Hope you enjoy reading my work.





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anshita banka

anshita banka

Just a first gen econ student trying to drive her way through life by pinning down one thing at a time