Building More Courage by Understanding Fearlessness

Ansh Mehra
Jan 9 · 3 min read

Everyone tells you “Ah you should be fearless in life!” but nobody tells you how to be fearless. I’ve seen a lot of fearless people getting bit in the butt time after time. I’ve seen fearless people win a lot too. It took me some time to realise that there is not one but two kinds of fearlessness.

One is fearlessness that arises out of ignorance.

Ex: You are driving to the top of a mountain on high speed, without helmet and no protective gear because you think nothing can harm you. You are ignorant of all the risks that are present with your current approach and so you are without any fear of getting into an accident. This kind of fearlessness is the bad kind of fearlessness.

Now what if I pull you aside…

and show you 10–12 YouTube videos of bikers getting into horrible accidents. I give you some information about deaths, injuries and risks involved in your approach. It is easy to assume that you will soon lose your fearlessness and get more anxious the next time you drive unsafely.

This is the stage where you get some awareness and you begin to feel fear about a possible negative outcome. You lose your fearlessness and start doubting your approach, giving rise to a bit of anxiety.

Now what if I train you…

how to ride within the tested speed limits, buy you protective gears and helmet and teach you ways with which you can drastically reduce your chances of getting hurt?

That is, I give you more information that strengthens your conscience and makes you aware of how things are done. You will gradually lose most of the anxiety, develop more faith in the training you have and become fearless again. This is the second kind of fearlessness: the one that arises out of awareness.

Therefore, my aim these days is to gain more courage by incorporating fearlessness in my attitude towards life but also making sure that it is supported by awareness and not ignorance.

“Danger is very real but Fear is a choice” — Will Smith

You can almost always eliminate fear if you are aware of your choices and their consequences.

Therefore, try becoming aware of yourself and the world and become the right kind of fearless.

I discuss more of these things on my own Podcast called Take it Easy on Spotify. You can check out my work on my website, or follow me on Instagram

Ansh Mehra

Written by

UX Designer, Podcaster and Filmmaker

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