My Experience at Microsoft Ignite Tour 2019 Sydney, Australia

Ansh Mehra
Mar 22, 2019 · 4 min read

The Ignite Tour is a place where developers and tech professionals continue learning alongside experts. Students and developers from all around the world come together to explore the latest developer tools and cloud technologies and learn how to our skills to work in new areas.

me pitching our app SPOT to developers and students at the Ignite Tour

We were blessed to get the chance to connect with Microsoft’s community to gain practical insights and best practises on the future of cloud development, data, IT, and business intelligence.

Participants of Imagine Cup Asia Finals were given a free ticket and access to the Ignite Tour. We were also given a desk to showcase our idea as well as pitch our concept to investors.

I met some amazing people who were running extremely successful startups, almost all of them on the concept of cloud computing. There was insane energy spread all across the hall. It felt so good speaking to these people, one to one and learn from their experiences. I study design and it was so exciting to ask these people about their journey from a student to this point.

The most thrilling part was pitching our idea to thousands of people at once. I have never spoken so much in a single day. There were all kinds of people coming to our desks and asking about our idea. This is how our stall looked: do notice all the stickers and badges we got for everyone!

The most important thing that we could take away from this were the queries and doubts people had when they heard about our product. This was sort of a beta testing platform for our app because up till now, we had a very specific and limited target audience.

The Ignite Pitches allowed us to put forward our idea, understand which feature was not connecting to the audiences and which feature did. It also taught me the fact that different kinds of people respond differently to my pitch.

our Team with Pablo Sir, the most amazing host we could have asked for at the Imagine Cup

There were some features that really attracted elderly audiences whereas the same features seemed mundane to young students. Once the event was over, I tried to get the email IDs of all the people who truly inspired me. I feel so happy when I see all those cards on my desk. They take me back to the event, the excitement, the introductions, the sessions and the awe inspiring talks.

The ended with all of us Imagine Cup participants visiting the Hard Rock cafe at Sydney. The food was amazing but even more amazing were the conversations we had sitting together at one single table, not as competitors but as friends and family.

The trip ended amazingly with us taking away from amazing memories and experiences. We returned back to Vellore fully motivated to learn more and be better at our passions. Travelling opens up your mind, it reminds you that there is a lot to explore and way lot more to learn and understand.

Ansh Mehra

Written by

UX Designer, Podcaster and Filmmaker

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