Workday Moves Test & Dev To IBM Cloud — Expect Increased Focus On Innovation

On 15 August, 2016 IBM and Workday announced a multi-year partnership wherein Workday will use IBM’s Cloud for its internal Testing and Development environment.

The announcement adds to the existing IBM and Workday partnership which includes IBM’s global Workday Consulting Services, IBM’s acquisition of Workday services provider Meteorix (in 2015) and IBM’s own use of Workday’s Human Capital Management (HCM) for its global workforce.

Existing relationship and no fear of competition (current or potential) made IBM the likely choice for Workday. Amidst worthy competitors, IBM was the most likely choice given its existing focus on Workday and Microsoft, Google being current (and potential) competition. Per Workday’s own admission, it intends to expand the use of IBM Cloud (over time) beyond development and testing. At Greyhound Research we believe this can (in theory) result in Workday eventually moving its production environment as well to IBM Cloud.

This alliance is testimony to the growing importance of Testing and Development in the face of Digital Transformation. Per a recent Greyhound Research global independent study titled, Global CEO Priorities 2016…

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