AI may take our job, but not our money.

AI Systems cannot own assets, humans can.

Andrew Ng recently tweeted about an email he received from a Radiologist, asking is AI going to take over his job?

It takes years of hard-work to develop a skill set that can be used in an industry. Years of college, hours online courses and yes tons of student loan. Since technology progresses so fast, by the time you are done with your studies, your skill set might be “taken over” by machines. This is what is exhibited in the above image of the Radiologist asking the AI pioneer.

While such fear is real, lets look at things from a different light. AI is good for automation or doing laborious work. But AI system cannot own assets such as(car, house, land, farm etc). Humans will still own this and machines can be used to help generate income from these assets.

Self-driving car can take the job of a cab-driver, but it is not stopping the cab-driver to own a self driving car that can earn money for him/her…

Similarly, robots may replace the farmers, but the farmers can own these robots to make money for them by working day and night such as to pick the best apple and store them. In-fact these systems can be more efficient for them. Hence AI or future machines will become agents of sustenance for the people rather than a threat to job. That is what is truly an innovation to help the society — rather than replacing humans, it would sustain them better.

Automobile replaced the horse-carts, but it also created the Taxi industry. Electricity brought in the industrial revolution and breakthrough innovations but it also created the Technology industry.

I think AI is going in that direction. Although right now it may seem that it is taking up jobs, but that is the nature of any industry — old jobs are automated or made obsolete to introduce high skill jobs — hence the workforce becomes more highly skilled.

Once such example is that, although Elon Musk can have the most automated factory in Fremont for his Tesla vehicles, but maintenance and repair still is a human’s job. Amazon may have automated the warehouse by deploying robots but installment and repair of those robots is still a human’s job.