We are happy if all of us are unhappy

Life isn’t so simple now, when I look back in the time when we were small, we had a big friend circle because our parents had many friends from there work and their children were our friends. There used to be many gatherings. Today it is a busier lifestyle and people are busy studying, working, raising their kids. Even if people are just a phone call away, they are not calling each other.

Do you know the reason, neither do I know, but what I have observed is they are not happy if their friends are happy. There isn’t an applaud on an achievement, but you might be a discussion topic if you have been in trouble. People hide their goals as well as achievements because they are more afraid for them to be stolen by their friends.

I am not pessimistic, I am just saying what I am seeing. People who are at the same level, same struggles, same living standards are closer then others. They have something common to talk about. Possibly because they think they both are facing same problems and there will be a harmony due to equality on unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life.

I want to see those glorious parties when people were selflessly meeting to be happy and to enjoy the time.

It is not lack of love but lack of friendship that makes unhealthy relationships.