BREAKING: Apple takes on Google with XYZ to save Steve Jobs legacy?

In a widely attended WWDC event in San Francisco today, Tim Cook announced XYZ.

The avid Google Android ecosystem fans pointed out that XYZ has been available for Google users for years as a platform that works seamlessly with Google Plus, an identity platform which recently has been split into photos and other functions.

Would Steve Jobs have prevented this disaster?

While we don’t yet know how widely XYZ will be used, Carl Icahn has issued a statement calling for an end to new product experimentation and return of shareholder capital unless the new product is a car which XYZ clearly is not.

Pandering to the 1%

New York Times’ Krugman points out that XYZ joins a long list of silicon valley’s “so called innovations” that serve the needs of only the 1% even though it is widely known that poor would rather buy a new smartphone than almost any other device or appliance because of “so called” perceived value. The poor are clearly delusional.

What Next?

Now that XYZ is out, how will Samsung and Xiaomi respond to the challenge? Is Elon Musk the only CEO who can take on Tim Cook?

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