How to Celebrate Birthday Alone

How to Celebrate Birthday Alone

I am one of those girls who has been pampered by her friends and family. A person who has always wanted her birthday to be special and memorable. Everybody wants that, Right? A large cake, a well candle-lit room, a couch full of gift boxes and room full of people you love and like.

This September was different though. I turned 23 and I learnt a lesson worth remembering a lifetime. I was studying away from home, my friends had exams and were busy with jobs, my siblings were preoccupied too. Turns out this September 8th I am all alone. I wanted to cry and weep and not at all celebrate my day, but suddenly I realized what if I do celebrate alone. It occurred to me that many people don’t even have what I do. Many people stay and live alone.

I decided to celebrate it in an orphanage. I even hate the word, i can’t imagine how people who live there, feel. It still was my birthday and I wanted to make it the best one. I vlogged my day with these friends I had made at the orphanages. I chatted with them, played with them and cut my Birthday cake with them.

When I got back home I had plenty of gifts with me. The gift of gratitude, the gift of being capable to spread smiles and the gift of being happy in all situations. Suddenly, in one day I had grown up. I changed. I learnt a lot.

I vowed to be there with these people and kids whenever I can be. Since then I have visited twice there. Every time bringing home Peace.

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