Guide to setup Auto Mount USB on Raspberry Pi

Anshul Ahuja
2 min readJul 9, 2018

Why do i need to setup auto mount?

Raspberry Pi doesn’t mount USB drives on its own, you need to set it up to use a USB drive with Pi.

Step 1: Connect to Pi

Connect to the Raspberry Pi over SSH, or open the terminal using it with GUI.

Step 2: Connect to USB drive

Step 3: List of connected devices

Type this command on your terminal


This command will give a result like this, from this, i can identify that my USB device named “MISC” is at


Step 4: Make the mount folder

Now we will make the folder where you want the USB device to show up whenever you plug it in

My personal choice is “usbdrv” for the folder at “/home/pi”, you can name it whatever you want and create it in any directory .

sudo mkdir ~/usbdrv

Give the relevant permissions

sudo chmod 770 ~/usbdrv

Step 5: Mounting the drive

sudo mount /dev/sda1 ~/usbdrv

Note: This procedure is for Raspbian Stretch, it might not work with other operating systems.

I hope this guide helped you, if you face any difficulties or have any queries, ask in the comments ;)