Day #12: Michael Evangelista

The Less-Evil Joker

Michael Evangelista, a true tree-hugger
I don’t really have anything deeply profound or inspiring to say about what motivates me (I’m not entirely sure what motivates me myself tbh). But I really like making people laugh. Whether it’s through a bad joke that I tell, or something stupidly reckless that I do, or a video that I make, if I make someone laugh because of it, then maybe (hopefully) I ended up brightening their day a little bit. I know when I’ve had a bad day, a good laugh usually helps cheer me up, so hopefully I can be that laugh to my friends and whoever else I meet.

Live, Laugh, Love

Michael Evangelista is a man of many talents. An extremely versatile editor, an ex-parkourist and a proud scooter-wielder, Michael can do it all. Michael knows how to bring out the best in the people around him, and uses his hilarious and occasionally self-defeating humor to unite the people around him toward a common goal.

His response is one I can definitely empathize with. Life is too short to be taken super seriously however much I may forget. Laughter and good times with the people you care about the most are the most important times looking back. This response makes me want to push myself to be a better person for and to the people around me.

Im attempting the 100 days challenge, featuring 100 of the friends I made over the years and learning about what motivates them. Read more about it here