Day #13: Maurene Jiang

Comrades and Clogs

“Srry I’m so uncooperative” — Maurene Jiang as she sits on the ledge for 0.5 milliseconds and hopping off before I can take the photo
Growing up, I’ve always felt like I had shoes to fill. For some 5’3" girl who can shamelessly still buy Vans in kids sizes, these shoes are massive. All my friends are doing these amazing things while I still stare at the mirror and ask myself “Why am I like this?”. I watch them as they travel the world, take on internships, start clubs, and I can’t help but look at them and think, “Damn, I want to be like that”. That motivates me. I strive to be even half as caring, as passionate, as driven, as hardworking as the people around me, so maybe one day, even as the shoes are growing larger, I can begin to leave a mark in them.

Filling in and Filling Out

Maurene Jiang is a hilarious and hardworking person. I often find myself looking forward to her fiercely dark humor when we cross paths at 4 A.M. after grinding through yet another CS project, the small and well-timed laugh always makes the night feel a little less ridiculous. Maurene knows how to inject just the right amount of depravity into any situation, and her superpower being the light-hearted approach to taking life head on rather than getting bogged down in the small details. Even though she has so much going on, Maurene still takes the time to look out and take care of the people around her and their problems. Maurene is an incredible friend, though I would never say that to her face bc I h8 her.

What I took from Maurene’s response is to understand that although being the best out of everyone is impossible, it is still important to acknowledge and learn from the incredible people around you. It’s part of the reason why I started this series, and why I want to learn so much more about how others work. Learning alone is incredibly difficult and an arduous journey; learning together is much, much, much easier and has greater payoff and bonds. No action should be taken in a vacuum, and often the most educational and rich pool of resources available are the people around you.

Im attempting the 100 days challenge, featuring 100 of the friends I made over the years and learning about what motivates them. Read more about it here