Day #15: Wanda He

Experience is Everything

Curiosity. In philosophy, there is a term called qualia, which is defined as the indescribable and subjective feelings you perceive through your experiences. Likewise, I believe that to truly understand something, I need to be active and experience it myself. There is so much in the world that I have not yet experienced and am currently unable to comprehend. So whether it is singing camp songs with underprivileged children on a mountain or dancing late at night in a dirty parking lot, I am just taking baby steps in hopes of understanding more of the world and what we are all capable of.

Waving her magic Wand(a)

Wanda has one of the most infectious smiles I have ever seen. Whether it be pretending we were long-lost friends in a random seminar to being the last two people to leave Fireside Lounge in Hedrick Hall, Wanda has a magnetic personality that pulls in the people around her. She’s also involved in roughly six million different clubs, activities, classes, and interests (speaking conservatively) and yet manages to stay calm and collected through all of it.

I’ve never heard of Qualia before, but like most Latin-based philosophical phrases with long histories, it carries a lot of weight. I can see a lot of what drives Wanda in this phrase; in the time that I’ve known her, she has a natural curiosity that helps propel her into all of these opportunities. For me, this advice is extremely valuable, and one I want to live by. While it is easy enough to be told a truth and to listen and try to understand, there are some truths in the world which need to be experienced. Whether it be participating in age-old traditions like UCLA’s undie-run or jumping out of airplanes, explore and find these new experiences and use that curiosity to keep pushing on for more.

Im attempting the 100 days challenge, featuring 100 of the friends I made over the years and learning about what motivates them. Read more about it here