Day #16: Omar Ozgur

Cooperation is Key

Omar Ozgur, 100% without a doubt definitely NOT sponsored by Coca-Cola®
I’m motivated every day to have fun collaborating with others to build awesome projects. Sure I’ve had countless failures in the past, but it’s made me learn that it’s the journey that really matters (as cliché as it may sound). As much as I like learning new skills myself, I’m always excited to share insights and learn from others who have different skill sets than me.

Sharing is Caring

Omar Ozgur is incredibly patient. For whatever reason, Omar is one of the only people I know who won’t get extremely flip-the-table annoyed at me when I ask him how to move an object in Unity for the 700th time (click and drag the arrows that pop up when you select it). He is an amazing teacher and coordinator. Though soft-spoken, Omar lets his ideas and his work speak for his expertise much louder and better than any big-mouth (e.g. me) can.

What I took from Omar’s answer is that while going at it alone might eventually get the job done, working together will always provide a more meaningful benefit. Collaboration is a give and take, and by trusting others on the team accomplishing bigger and larger goals becomes vastly easier all the while learning new essential skills. I believe this is a very important motivation as this cooperating mindset can be applied to any project. By working together, any seemingly impossible feat automatically becomes much more feasible, and finding the people who excite you to work harder will be beneficial for your personal growth as well.

I’m attempting the 100 days challenge, featuring 100 of the friends I made over the years and learning about what motivates them. Read more about it here