Day #5: Simon Zhou

Made in LA

Cheesin’ for a reason with Simon Zhou
Being in Los Angeles. Because being so close to where I came from, its still such a different place and there’s so much opportunity here. Where I’m from, its such a suburban neighborhood and super quiet. Whenever I come here, I feel invigorated and motivated to do things just by the city life in general. Living in such a hub, it really just pushes me to always be doing something.

Embracing the Pace

Simon Zhou is an incredibly down-to-earth and lovable guy who really understands how to read people. If there is a friend who feels down or is sulking in the corner, Simon knows how to draw them out and make them feel included.

If there is anything I’ve learned from Simon, its how to stay sane in a whirlwind of excitement. Living in LA, there are so many concerts, art exhibits, tech talks, and general distractions pulling in all directions at all times. What I took from Simon’s response is that it’s important to recognize the privilege of being in a city where activities are abundant, and to stay attuned to that. Embracing each moment and being energized by all the adventure right outside, its important to appreciate the influence and movement of this city to use as inspiration.

Im attempting the 100 days challenge, featuring 100 of the friends I made over the years and learning about what motivates them. Read more about it here