Absence of Darkness

I love the feeling I get when I am listening to a slow song in a fast moving car with the windows closed. The outside noise filtered by the glass window leaving the car filled with slow soothing music. Watching the muted world passing by makes me feel complete, feels like it should last forever. How magically the thin layer of glass keeps the noise out of the car! Or is it the opposite? What if the noise actually is the absence of silence? What if the thin layer of glass is keeping the silence trapped inside the car?

One of the most fascinating concepts I learnt while understanding the probabilities and permutations & combinations was the idea of considering what all events I am ‘not interested in’ and subtracting them from total number of events, instead of considering what all events I am 'interested in' in order to reach to an answer. Life becomes so simpler once this concept is applied everywhere. Why do we constantly struggle in discerning what all is something? Why can’t we just find out what all it isn’t!

Clueless clowns that we are, one of the most common confusions these days is about what do in life. This whole thing is so confusing that starting to think about it takes us down in the abyss of an infinite loop which you can only break by not thinking about it. We should just think about what not to do in life, it eliminates so many career choices if you are sure of what you do not want to do.

I had decided to dedicate the year of 2016 to find out meaning of love, I themed is as ‘quest of love’. In my attempts to find out what is love, all I have discovered so far is what love isn’t. I don’t know what I want in a life partner, what I know from my experiences is what I don’t want. I am yet to discover the meaning of love, but I am almost sure that absence of selfishness, dishonesty, hatred will definitely take you closer to love. I wish unlearning something was as easy as learning something.

So, this year I am gonna fill the space with vacuum instead of sucking out the air, I will fill the air with silences instead of eliminating noises, and I will wish you absence of darkness during this Diwali instead of wishing a life full of lights. I can’t wait to learn what this perspective is gonna offer, or unlearn!