Idea to Launch in 4 days- Our learnings

It was a usual day. Me and my team mate had to do some startup office errands. While driving back I told him about an idea running in my head for a day. We talked for couple of minutes i guess 2–3 minutes. Then we started talking about a name for the application. And by the time we had reached office we decided to work on it. Make a detailed plan and make it happen.

Our bottomline was “Don’t apply your brains”. We started with this at the back of our heads and starting designing the flow on white board. Suddenly it stuck us we had already developed a similar application. Why not just use it? Again it stuck us “Don’t apply your brains” and we decided to reuse our existing platform. After some customizations and high level UI change we were ready with our MVP or I would say a MVP Plus ;).

Now we were try to apply our brains on figuring out a name for the application. Now since we were applying our brains we spent 4–5 hours on searching a great name. Again it struck us we were going away from our bottomline. We all got centered and decided on a name in 15 minutes!

Then we quickly created our creatives- they were as simple as possible. No over thinking or in our case I would say not even thinking (which can be dangerous at times but it worked for us!).

After 4 days of work we launched our app on Google Play Store with an amazing UX, UI, robust backend, Cool name and an amazing logo.

These four days made us realize the power of taking quick decisions based on what you really want to achieve. Our learnings were simple but profound (at least for us)

  1. Don’t over think or else you will spoil it.
  2. Reuse. Reuse. Reuse.
  3. Make a bottomline which you will stick to if you go awry, which you will.
  4. Stay Focused & move Fast (this is my personal mantra!)
  5. Remember you can always change it later. It’s okay.

All these points are very often talked about but when you go through them personally you know what kind of power they have. So next time when you get an idea simplify it and just make it happen.