Did you forget about yourself?

There are times when you might feel out and low, dig deep enough but no concrete reason as to why gloominess has engulfed you. Nothing makes you happy and believe me if you belong to the kind that breathes on this planet, rest assure somewhere down the line you will experience this feeling of dejection, desolation, discombobulation and all other fancy word that basically mean that you are feeling nothing but just Shit.


I think it is OK for once in a while to feel like Shit; for what a human being if bereft of all the emotions. The key is to come out and come out you will. All that is needed in a moment like these is a little bit of friend, the one that is hidden inside of you, the kind you never knew existed but the kind who will never leave you.

All you need to do is remember that YOU ALWAYS HAVE YOU. Even when the sky is falling upon you, and you are in your worst being. Remember that you are not alone, for you never was alone. YOU ALWAYS HAD YOU and YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOU.

So trust yourself, believe in yourself and remember there is a reason it is called a PHASE, because it PHASES OUT.

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