We(teenagers) always wanted to get away from our ‘house’ just to make ourselves independent, isn’t it? Well,its true,that getting into a College and that too far away from our ‘house’ does make us ‘kind of independent’;living on our own,no boundations,no crummy food,no money limitations and all that stuff; hanging out with friends till late night becomes the most awesome catch for us.

But people!We are actually being cuffed by over the top imagination bubbles of becoming independent individuals.Reality is a complete different thing.

My thought of becoming an independent fella felt on the walls of getting into a College far away from my ‘house’.I thought this could be the best thing to get myself away from my parents,my mother’s everyday orders and her food.So,I came to Chennai(one and a half year ago) to make myself more suitable to the world where everyone is running making crowds.

I thought I could be the Abhimanyu Singh from the movie ‘Student of the year’ of my College but actually ended up being the Bandya(Rajpal Yadav) from the movie ‘Chup Chup Ke’.

“Hostel life” now I had to wash my clothes by myself(No washing machine),eat mess’ food(No Mummy’s crummy food),wake up in the morning by putting up an alarm(No “get up!son” tunes in the morning),sometimes sleep hungry in the midnight(No grabbing of extra food from the fridge) and had to look after my extra expenses.

I never expected this.I never ever in my life thought that I was going to miss my ‘home’ now that I thought was a ‘house’.How can my father handle so many expenses by earning just few Ks and still make our ‘house’, ’home’?; how can my mother do so much of households(including me being the worst) alone and make our ‘house’, ‘home’? Are they from some other planet or is it me who is?

Yes,you might become independent when you are away from your home.But then,you also have to look after yourself and your things just like your parents used to do.Becoming independent makes us hold responsibilities and hold ‘US’ also.

Always remember,your parents are doing everything just for you,to make sure that you may not suffer those scenes that they do everyday.Hence,its your responsibility to hold on to them and be there for them in the future when they need you.They might never tell you to do so,but its up to you to realise that when you were a kid,they held your hand to make sure you don’t fall and in future its upto you to make sure that when they get old ,they don’t even stumble.

For you Maa,Papa. ☺