There is a monstrous throbbing in my head. The pulsating tendrils of white noise wrapped around my skull have blinded my thoughts and blurred my vision. Each muscle is crying out in agony. I become remotely aware of a buzzing, a few inches away. I turn my head with enormous effort and nearly split it in two and as I lift my eyelids, a violent light attacks and leaves me blind. I groan and defend my eyes with a lazy hand while reaching towards my phone with the other. My fingers brush against it, the buzzing has ceased, I lift it up to eye level, turn over and crack my eyes open.

9 missed calls, 7 messages and two re-tweets, not bad.

After 4 attempts at my deliberately over-complicated unlock pattern, I open the call log. As expected, its her, each call placed roughly half an hour apart. Typical. I open WhatsApp.

6 messages from her:

  1. Call me when you see this.
  2. Where are you? I need to talk.
  4. I can’t believe this, even after all we spoke about
  5. I’m done
  6. Don’t ever call me again

There’s 1 from the old monk: Abey 2 khambe bache hain aaja shaam ko

I reply: Cool bro!

I let the phone slide and shut my eyes again. I need more sleep for another morning like this one.

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