Comparison between football and cricket

There are lots of differences between football and cricket

Some people cheer for cricket and some for football.But both are best all over the world.

  • I was naturally a cricket player.From childhood till the age of 13 I used to play cricket and thought that it was the best.But at the age of 13 I started playing football . I was on a real football turf for the first time since my childhood. It was very difficult to excel in football.But slowly I found the difference s that took place.
Importance of cricket and football separately.


  • Cricket is famous mostly in Asia .
  • But all the countries play cricket.
  • Cricket is a game where we need to have our eyes sights to be perfect.physical fitness doesn’t matter that much.
  • Cricket needs flexibility of our body so that we could excel in fielding


  • It’s the most important thing that should be perfect in cricket
  • Batsmen scores well in a match or gets out early in another match.Bowler takes 0–2 (average) in a match but a fielder has to take catches in all matches
  • So you can understand the importance of fielding.
  • Catches win matches


  • It is just a matter of 1 ball .1 ball, if you get out you will have to wait for another match to play
  • Batting need practice and technique .
  • Use of wrist is essential for batting


  • It is the use of arm to throw a ball at a speed 140 kmph to get a batsman out.


This game needs physical fitness at its best.

Football has many essential things such as passes, shots ,skills and touches .Goal is the most important which decides the match winners


  • Passes it include soft touches to pass a ball from one player to another to attack for a goal.
  • Passes are of two types
Long passes
Short passes

Long passes

The players pass the ball from one player to another through aerial route.

Short passes

The players pass the ball from one player to another when they are nearby.


These are tricks used by strickers to dominate the game

Most of the strickers use skills such as step over and body feint and many others.


These are a type in f long passes which is aimed on goal at with lot’s of power to score a goal.


The most important thing in football .Goal decides the winner of football match.


Both are the best and have their own never compare the both games

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