Why Us?


Hey, Welcome to one of the most random write-ups of your lifetime. Your views and responses are greatly welcomed but this place is more of what I feel and believe in.

Ever since I was a kid, I had this one wild thought running through my mind and still does-Why in this place(Including, Universes & Solar Systems) their is life? Why and for what are we living for? Why did God/Angel(Those who believe there is someone taking care of you) created us with the rest of the living beings?. One feels quite cheated and weird if we ponder over it. Whenever I wondered, I ended up flipping my mind off, strange. As time passed, things started sorting out.

I realised that God/Angel had nothing else to do so they started a startup of creating Universes, Solar Systems etc, out of which Earth was the most successful business. We have such nice dense forests, 3/4th of our planet is filled with water, beautiful volcanoes and plenty filthy animals. We have been lucky in all aspects unlike the other planets where either its too hot, no oxygen etc. Like any business requires employees to run it, we(animals in general) were invented with great precision. All of being same yet unique. Each having their own task and duties. Our primary goal should be to make this business successful and healthy for our future generations. The question asked is, are we? We will discuss this in the next article. I feel if we do not keep it healthy and functional, like any other business idea or startup it can fail and eventually die out. Everyone should contribute equally and selflessly. Like they say, Karma is a Bitch. Who knows God/Angel might get bored with their business(Earth) and in return start playing with us?

Welcome to the world of randomness and bullshit. I can guaranty say that on reading stuff like this one will flip for once and that might change you forever.