How to find the best security services in Delhi

The capital of our country is often considered the crime capital as well, and contributes about sixteen percent of the countries crimes reported to the police, that’s sixteen percent of a country of one billion people, and those are just the reported crimes. In a city with crime on the rise, the police service are usually already taxed with solving crimes and are quite a far cry away from being able to prevent crimes before they happen. That is why in a city like Delhi people have started depending more and more on private security services to be prepared and prevent crimes from occurring.

Knowing what to look for

When trying to find a good security service in Delhi, a good thing to look for is a service which has either a police or military background, some of the best security services in the world are led by retired captains and generals and this is a good way to spot a good service. Another good thing to look for is experience, and generally a security service that has been operating in Delhi for at least ten years is a good thing to keep an eye out for as they will be less likely to make any mistakes. Normally when security services are led by ex army men the result is quite impressive and can be visible in the creases of the men’s uniforms and condition of all their gear, discipline is always high and all the guards have an air of that kind of professionalism found exclusively in the military.

Finding the security service with the largest force

Another important thing to look for when you are choosing a security service in Delhi is a firm with a large work force. The reason this is important is that large residential buildings like the ones in Delhi and Noida normally have multiple gates, entries, exits, pump houses, generators, and even elevators that have to be guarded, manned, and serviced, all these duties fall on the security guards and it is important to have a surplus amount of guards to cover for each other in case of sickness, or even in case of emergencies where more guards are needed. Firms which have a large workforce do not fail to send guards on duty because they normally hire extra guards in case of such circumstances.

The Black Dragon Solution for all your security needs

Now keeping in mind all the qualities we are looking for in a security service for a city like Delhi, we think is the best security service in Delhi and here’s why. Founded in 1997 by Capt. M.M Bhardwaj, this company comes with an Indian Armed Forces background as well as twenty years experience servicing the Delhi and Noida region. Prior to starting the, Capt M.M Bhardwaj has over two decades experience handling the security for top five star hotels like the Taj Hotel, Holiday Inn, Park Royal and many more. Capt. M.M Bhardwaj brings the same levels of quality and standards of these top names in hospitality along with the discipline and precision of the Indian Armed Forces to and instills these skills and knowledge into all the staff there.