10 things that I learned from Myself

  1. Keep Smiling , it makes things positive, as they approach you.
  2. When you are alone in the afternoons in the office , then working alone becomes hard.So best remedy , I have found for this situation is to sing,it increases the productivity.
  3. When you have to attend or pick up hundred calls a day, then it makes job tough and frustrating. For this , I tried to be sober for each call ,which is really hard to achieve.
  4. Don’t crib about the job or office condition, it makes the daily routine work more boring.It is not the boss , it is the employee who can change the condition.
  5. Realized the benefits of co-ordination among the team members.
  6. I have learned to own my mistakes in day to day life.
  7. I have stopped drinking at night or with employees.It hampers the next day operation. It also ruins the family life.
  8. Every day writing in office diary , it increases the productivity and reminds you , what task have to be completed.
  9. When you are really low in life , it is not the end .It is the new challenge you have to accomplish.Realized today morning ,when driving to office.
  10. Don’t get influenced by someone’s success but get inspired by it.