ABOUT __________??????_______ ___???????_________________ CONFIDENCE

It happens every time those moods changes when you see something that shakes you from inside, but what’s that shall be called? It is in human nature to remember small things rather than remembering things which really matter. Small things such as mobile sms , or fussy incident that made you laugh or anger or sad. Here comes CONFIDENCE in this type of situation as a SURVIVOR to bring normal mode or to make you strong in front of everyone. Confidence is assembler of feeling that showcase a man in a presentable mood when it is required. Does a new born baby require confidence ,to stand ,to walk , talk or wet her diapers, never thought about it or never parents has given the emphasis on these type of situations. Does babies really require confidence or they are natural as they never heard this word from their loved one’s . Do you really remember when you first really required confidence ?. . Competition within you and among the competitors’ it is situation where CONFIDENCE come and play a vital role to portray to be called “ I AM THE ONE” .

Human beings can show their confidence through their work but not with mere action. When feelings are encapsulated in a gesture , it shows how a person wants to express his or her feelings but couldn’t portray properly in front of person. A pinch of salt in food , can enhance its taste same with the human beings little confidence can be great booster before start anything.

To stand in darkness with no shadows behind you , is biggest source of enlightenment. Whenever I have pass down the street in midnight ,and seeing the dogs barking at me , only one question strikes my mind does barking requires confidence because i m a human .I can harm them with confidence of anger. For a betterment of life we speak to people, travel around just to get an opportunity to spark our life .Development of anxiety in our mind or blood rushing through the veins are the main reason where confidence arouses. Seeing yourself each day in mirror , say’s what to you that “your confidence is building up so keep doing things which you don’t like and keep ignoring the truth , which might create a bewilderment in you”. Confidence work as shield for the human for hiding truth , deep dry pain inside, when we meet each other and talk about the things which we don’t want to talk about it. We have already heard how the old art and culture is losing its essence to the ignorance trends. How does a street musician felt when he plays tune on his instrument but it is keep getting ignored from the passer by , everyday but he has to keep playing because to earn his bread. Of what ingredients the confidence has been made in this type of people .

Accomplishment of goals is related to confidence. It sense down that to accomplish something you have to be stubborn, self belief and most important determined to achieve it at any cost.

Hurdles are like zigzag lines in on the graph paper of confidence.

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