Origins of agaastyaa

The agaastyaa was an startup idea to sell art work of mine through the wide media outreach and basically with the electronic media. Because it is cheaper and smithing looks like technical things are happening . So i was to start my startup i decide to make a plan for it. Before I create the plan I make a simple logo with help of abode capture and registered the agaastyaa’S domain frm fb twitter insta and then we also create a YouTube channel for art tutorial. Basically the idea of agaastyaa was at first was to sell only portraits of people than we think to deal with hand crafted greeting cards and when we enters in craft segment a lot more unique product like pen stand craft diary and many more comes in our mind . Then we deciddd to launch agaastyaa in four part

Part 1 we will promote the brand agaastyaa on all social media plateform and will create a YouTube channel for agaastyaa ant art tutorial . Because once we will able to illustrate our art before the people and can create a market presence of agaastyaa. This segment was purely dedicated to agaastyaa Sketching up and in the the beginning agaastyaa start inly its YouTube tutorial and its all social media handle. The starting was just to create the environment of art.

We create the tutorials and upload them . For the promotion of the you tube channel we use the very cheap quality of promotion we just spam our link and whenever the option of text we just copy our link but after that also there was no much response we are getting frm the audience .

The agaastyaa: origin of idea part2 contd.

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