Spirit of father’s love

Anshu Yadav
Jun 16, 2018 · 4 min read

For a child father’s day can be a day to offer some gift to his father. It can be a day to express heartfelt love for his father.
As a earthly daughter of my infinite father, I feel that father’s day gives me a chance to recognise the greatest gift of the world in the form of my dad’s deep affection and fascinate care for me. I will be the happiest person to give some words about my heavenly father. The most precious things a child can get from his father are time, care and love. Children are blessed to see glimpse of compassion from their father. I am the blessed one to have the best dad the God has ever created. I would be happy to speak out my heart here and let my friends and other people get the little reflection of spirit of father’s love. Father is the roof and inner strength for his child. When I am on the long journey travelling alone in train and that too in night and all among strangers, my dad keeps calling me time to time. This is not only his deep affection and care for me, It offers me security and protection. It offers me
assurance that nothing can happen and I can do it alone. When I am alone and afraid of something, each and every word of my dad strengthens my confidence and assures me that nothing else can happen.

I am living in hostel since my 6th standard. Many times when I was having fever or simple headache, I phoned my dad to informed him. I had deep understanding and I knew it well that dad was not going to come so far from home just for my fever. I knew that my fever could be cured only by some medicines. Still I phoned dad to inform that I had fever. High temperature
can be cured by medicines but my stress and mindset of having fever could only be cured by some words of affection from my parents. The pain of being physically sick can be turned into happiness only by our parent’s affection and care. I am lucky that I can share my real feelings with my father. Happiness or the news of sad, every heartfelt and open communication bridges every little gap between us and creates oneness.

I have learned of the power of the father who teaches his children spiritual manners. The greatest desire of a father is that his children will stay away from all inconsiderate and unhealthy habits. I have heard elders saying that habbits such as drinking, drugs or smoking depend largely on child’s upbringing. Some says, such habits are the side effect of the environment
where children live. My father has given me such good manners that saved me from walking on every unhealthy path. I always remember my dad’s instructions for me. Whenever I felt stucked between two competing path, I chose the one which was more suitable as per my dad’s instructions and I didn’t ever feel like repenting. Whenever I found myself surrounded by
unexpected challenges, I was happy to solve it being a daughter of my dad.
My dad is the one who knows us better than us. He has the cool attitude to confront us, especially my brother and sister, when we are in anger or fear.

Left : me, Right : Daddy

Being a student or a fascinate learner, everyone feels like having a mentor who can instruct at our challenging point. My dad has played a role of godly mentor in my childhood. I still remember those days how dad used to make me aware of my inner self. In my childhood, my father taught me to dream and the meaning of having a dream in life. He taught me to believe in myself. He taught that I can do anything what I want if I have a strong determination. My dad always teaches me and my siblings the value of honesty and the importance of hard work in life not only by his words but also through his examples.
My dad is the wisest and the kindest human being I have ever met a man
in my life. A simple dedication from me to my dad — I will heartly try to give a voice to my dad’s sentiments.

On this great day, I wish with my steadfast love, a very happy father’s day to my dad. I wish all the fathers and fatherly figures a very happy father’s day.

About me — I am a second year undergraduate student studying at IIIT Allahabad. I have my own view of life and I love to walk with my father’s sentiments.

Anshu Yadav

Written by

Undergrad at IIITA | Fascinated learner

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