Chess has been played by the world’s masterminds for ages and is the game where the brain needs a lot of processing. So, how can we teach a computer to play a mastermind game like chess? Let’s check it out.

To get started all you need is a python3 interpreter installed in your system and the basic level of python3. Cool right?

Augmented Reality development has been on a hype since late 2017 when Google launched its ARcore SDK for android devices and Apple launched its ARkit SDK for IOS devices.

But there was a big drawback to that, as developers weren't able to build cross-platform apps for android and IOS devices as both of them had different SDK tools.

Then Unity launched the AR Foundation SDK where AR developers were able to build cross-platform apps by just switching the platform inside the Unity engine.

Ansh Gaikwad

Android Developer | ML Enthusiast | Quick Learner

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