See How Brelunds Is Solving Soup and Stew Needs in Lagos

Brelunds food company is an online food ordering and delivery business, it started officially on the 1st day of September 2015 and currently operates in Lagos state, Nigeria.

The Idea Behind Brelunds

The founder — Isioma Onyegikei, got the idea for the business while she was working at her former office after moving to Lagos, it was quite difficult getting good and affordable meals around where she worked and then the busy lifestyle of most Lagos residents who have little or no time to rest prompted her to start lunch delivery to offices and also bulk soup and stew delivery to busy clients.

Problem it is solving

Lagos lifestyle makes it difficult for a lot of people to actually make good meals for themselves, most hardly have time for themselves. Majority of Lagos residents spend the most part of their time on the road and at the office, cooking may be the least of their problems so basically, Brelunds food company is there to bridge the gap by providing not just tasty but healthy and affordable meals. Brelunds is there to relieve one of the stress of cooking without necessarily breaking the bank.

Currently, Brelunds provides three services which includes weekly lunch plans, bulk soup and stew which come in 3 litres and 4 litres bowls and events catering. The kitchen on the island but Brelunds delivers to the mainland and are available for events within and outside Lagos.

Brelunds food company is quite a big but achievable dream, the plan is to become the go-to food service provider across Africa, serving healthy and tasty meals to made to the taste of each client.

This piece first appeared on Tush Magazine

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