A pretty common but controversial conversation amongst couples is this question of “How soon is too soon to start farting in front of your significant other?” Is 6 months too soon? 12 months? Not until you’re married or moved in together? Only on days you didn’t eat eggs?

Well, one thing that’s always frustrated me about this question is that it assumes one thing: that it SHOULD eventually be acceptable.

And you know what I think?

That’s fucking BULLSHIT.

Let me explain why.

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Would you ever fart on your first date with someone? No. Why? Because you want impress them…

Because I follow a lot of Silicon Valley folks on Twitter and it seems like the cool thing to — JUST KIDDING! 🤣

It all started because of a fight I had with my girlfriend.

“Meditation is for losers”

I used to think meditation was this mystical thing that you could only do if you quit your job and fled to India to devote your life to becoming a monk. I knew a few people that were interested in it, but instead of taking the chance to participate with them and learn together, I silently judged them. “Hippies, all of you! …

About 20 years ago, Amel Larrieux wrote what I still believe to this day is the most endearing love song of all time: “Make Me Whole.”

“Make Me Whole” by Amel Larrieux

Perfection — it is one of those things that never really happens. Life is like a winding path; it ebbs and flows, like a see saw, only being at hypothetical balance for what may appear to be an infinitesimally small moment in time. Perfection feels unattainable, yet the endless pursuit that follows it is always a worth living for.

If perfection could ever be captured in a bottle, this song is it.

“Infinite Possibilities” — Album Art

Originally published at www.ansonkao.com on February 24, 2019.

After my second startup failed in 2016, I found myself doing something I never thought I’d do — taking a full-time job. You have to understand, I’d spent all of my entire professional career up until that point working exclusively in the startup world — much of it as my own boss (and determined to keep it that way) — and so getting this job felt a bit like I was admitting defeat in some way. But after over a year in my current role, I’m happy to conclude that this has been a really good move for me. …

Most people know who David Blaine is, but if you don’t — checkout him out. He is sometimes credited with being the magician that brought street magic, or 1-on-1 performance, to popularity. He also is an “endurance artist” — doing incredible feats such as staying under water for a week or not eating for 44 days.

David Blaine, Magician and “Endurance Artist”

David Blaine does a TED Talk where he explains his journey to breaking a world record by holding his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds. …

I did PRK laser eye surgery on September 24th, 2015, at Bochner Eye Institute in Toronto. In this blog post, I’ll document what I’ve discovered. Hope it helps someone out there!

Why PRK and not LASIK?

The most important thing to know about PRK is that the recovery process for it is much, much longer than LASIK. So why the hell would anyone choose it?!


PRK is actually the “original” LASIK. It’s very straightforward — shave off some thickness from the surface of your cornea to correct the refraction of light into your eye. The problem is that it’ll take several months to regrow the…

My girlfriend has a pet rabbit named Momo, and he’s absolutely adorable.


Did you know that bunnies wipe their faces every 5 minutes? They have all these random idiosyncrasies that are incredibly entertaining to watch, especially when you don’t have a clue what the hell they’re trying to do. For example, Momo has a tendency to bite thin objects he finds around the house, like my shoelaces or my iPhone cable. His teeth are sharp, so he manages to take solid chunks out of the insulation. But he never completely cuts the cable — he just bites it, gets bored…

Let’s take a look at the past to understand the evolution of music sales and how iTunes fits in today.

In the days of vinyl and compact discs, song selection was a luxury. The most avid music enthusiasts only bought a handful of albums each year at the store, and most people were relegated to passive listening through the mediocre quality of FM radio. Let’s say that spending $100 a year on music was a big deal.

When iTunes launched in 2001, music enthusiasts were given a way to obtain fairly high quality mp3′s from the comfort of their homes…

What better way to kick off my blog than with one of the most elusive questions of all…

Why does music sound so good?

Think about it. We know why food tastes good — we need nutrients to live. We know why sex feels good — we have to make babies to procreate. But why does music sound good? It doesn’t seem to contribute to any of nature’s goals whatsoever.

Artists rendering of the origin story of music

Even other art forms seem to relate closely with nature. For example, visual art often portrays real scenery and objects in our lives. The aggressive stance designed into sports cars…

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